Why We Love Aluminum

aluminum wall

Light and Strong

Although aluminum doesn't occur naturally in the earth, we go to great lengths to manufacture it. But why? It's one of the best metals on earth because it's simultaneously strong and lightweight. These combined properties make it a great choice for anything from cans to airplanes.

Kid with crushed cans


Have you ever had a neighbor kid come by to collect your used aluminum cans? Even though they were making only a few cents per can, they were also saving the environment. Aluminum is easily recycled, making it a top choice for environmentally friendly companies.

Big aluminum tubes


Conductivity in a metal is an important property. Aluminum conducts electricity 200% better than copper. It's very ductile, so aluminum wires are popular. It's also very thermally conductive, making it a great choice for kitchen items like pots and pans. It can spread heat or cooling energy evenly and quickly.

New soda cans


None of these properties would make aluminum nearly as attractive if it weren't cost-effective. While it can be a little costly to manufacture in the beginning, the aluminum ends up paying for itself. The fact that it's easily recyclable makes it even more cost effective; the manufactured aluminum has multiple lives instead of one.

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